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Andy professionally learned styling in 2011 and has worked under several brands since then. He is experienced in styling people and objects for photographs, and also does creative direction.

Working in the creative industry means to explore ideas, it is the reason why Andy enjoys teaming up with individuals who have the opposite creative style as his. It helps him find a different approach to his own creativity.

People often see  his work as creepy, and it is something that he is aware of.  Andy likes things that are linked with absurdity and surrealism., although, he usually finds inspirations from the  trivial things of life — memes, ludicrous true events, and several art installations. He loves to stretch ideas from the satire things that he bumps into.

He lives and works in Jakarta, and is on Tinder most of the time. You can find him there for inquiries. Oh, also, here's his email:

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